This site is an electronic version of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook. It is freely available in this format, and can be purchased as a robust hard copy pocket version for all who need information on symptom control in patients with serious diseases. This can be obtained directly from INCTR (contact eb.rtcni|eneb#eb.rtcni|eneb for information) or from Amazon.co.uk.


INCTR is a non-profit organization whose founder members are the International Union against Cancer and the Institut Pasteur, Brussels. The goals of the organization are to assist in controlling cancer in developing countries through the development of infrastructure for cancer treatment and research. INCTR emphasizes international collaboration and works to improve communication among the wide range of professionals and volunteers working to control cancer throughout the world. A brief video providing an overview of the organization is available at "INCTR Overview". You may BECOME AN INCTR MEMBER by visiting the INCTR Website


This handbook has been created by INCTR's Palliative Care Program, the aim of which is to help improve the delivery of good quality palliative care in resource poor areas. Our strategies are threefold:

  • Collaborative efforts to develop regional palliative care centers at various key institutions which work with INCTR
  • The provision of expert consulting and advisory services to national and regional governments
  • The promotion of good generalist palliative care practice amongst oncology and other professionals through clinical guidelines, workshops and other means

INCTR PAX members include Dr. Fraser Black, Dr. Stuart Brown, Doug Ennals MSW, Dr Juan Diego Harris, Virginia LeBaron RN and Dr. Robin Love. Affiliates include Dr. Alison Brown, Anne Callegari (Pharmacist), Dr. Gayatri Palat, Dr. MR Rajagopal, Dr. Aziza Shad, Dr. Sudip Shrestha and Dr. Geoff Spry.

The written version of the handbook was published in October 2008. All rights are reserved, whether the whole or a part of the material is concerned, particularly the rights to reproduce images or text, or to translate or reprint. Requests for permission to reproduce text or images, or to translate INCTR publications, or any other inquiries, should be directed to INCTR asbl, 642 Rue Engeland, 1180 Brussels, Belgium, Tel: +32 2 372 99 49, Fax: +32 2 373 93 13, e-mail: eb.rtcni|snoitacilbup#eb.rtcni|snoitacilbup

The INCTR does not warrant that the information contained in this publication is complete and correct and shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of its use. Clinical judgment should be exercised at all times.

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